Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Businesses of all types have enormous amounts of data for which the organizations are much concerned and worry to manage the security and confidentiality of the legal documents. Most of the businesses retain the paper documents and records for over 7 years at least or maybe for a longer time depending on the business type. But when it comes to holding the data and papers for several years on the on-site the task is clumsy and hard to manage. Besides, that sorting all the paperwork manually in a record storage takes up so much valuable office space.

We are here to deal with all your document storage problems with an efficient and secure facility. We offer the customer friendly services to save and store your files and other legal paperwork. The services we offer include all types of storage of paperwork and businesses.


* Financial records

* General business documents

* Architectural plans and drawings

* Personal records

* Insurance policies

* Legal documents

* Medical records

* Computer data such as storage media (floppy disks, zip disks, backup tapes) etc.


We are intended to give our business clients the best services without any inconvenience and damage. To ensure the services we have to make all the possible ways to provide you the best experience. Our services are provided to you by any means including:

COLLECTION AND DELIVERY SERVICES: We are providing you the collection and delivery both services by using our own vehicles fleet. You don’t have to rush to us to submit or to receive your documents. Our providers will come and collect your papers with an ensured security system equipped in our vehicles.

SECURITY AT THE FACILITY: there are alarms fitted with cameras on both the inside and outside of the building to ensure no possible entry of any other person except the facility members.

COST OR PRICING: Pricing or cost is an important factor while choosing any business service. The major component of a storage service is the cost per box depending upon the weight of the box including your paperweight and the retrieval fees. Make sure to know the prices before signing any contract to avoid any inconvenience once the deal is done. We are determined to give our customers the cost-effective services without placing any hiding charges or extra fees.

FILE RETRIEVAL SERVICE: If you need a document on an urgent basis we have different forms of retrieval services it could be sent to you by a courier, sent overnight or emailed to you.

We are providing our services all around your areas. To speak to us and to avail our services you can call us on the provided numbers. The confidentiality of your documents is guaranteed.